Alphabetical Lists for "Organized Wealth: How Greed Directs Right-Wing Politics"
Alphabetical List of Groups - Compact

Citizens for a Sound Economy 1984

Citizens for America 1983

Coalition for a Democratic Majority 1972

Coalition for Peace Through Strength 1978

Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress (later renamed Free Congress Foundation) 1974

Committee on the Present Danger founded 1976

Competitive Enterprise Institute 1984

Concerned Women for America by Beverly LaHaye 1979

Conservative Caucus by Howard Phillips 1974

Conservative Digest magazine 1975

Conservative Political Action Conferences started 1973

Council for National Policy 1981

Council of Business and Professional Men of the Catholic Faith 1953

DeMille Foundation for Political Freedom 1945

Eagle Forum by Phyllis Schlafly 1972

Education Policy Institute

Employment Policy Foundation 1983

Empower America 1993

Ethics and Public Policy Center 1976

Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Family Research Council 1983

Federalist Society 1982

Focus on the Family by James Dobson 1977

Foreign Policy Research Institute 1955

Foundation for Economic Education 1949

Free Congress Research and Education Foundation 1977

Freeman magazine 1950

Goldwater Institute 1988

Heartland Institute 1984

Heritage Foundation 1973

Hillsdale College 1844

Hoover Institution 1919
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