"Organized Wealth: How Greed Directs Right-Wing Politics"
A book by Chip Berlet -- Forthcoming Fall 2015

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Alphabetical Lists for "Organized Wealth: How Greed Directs Right-Wing Politics"
Alphabetical List of Groups - Compact

Accuracy in Media 1969

Alexis de Tocqueville Institution 1985

Alliance Defense Fund by D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries, Donald Wildmon of the American 1993

American Against Union Control of Government (created by PSRC) 1975

American Conservative Union 1964

American Enterprise Association (predecessor to American Enterprise Institute) 1943

American Enterprise Institute 1943

American Family Association formed 1977

American Legislative Exchange Council 1973

American Security Council 1955

American Vision 1978

Americans for Tax Reform 1985

Atlas Economic Research Foundation 1981

Business Roundtable 1974

Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation 1958

Cato Institute 1977

Center for Social Thought 1992

Center for Strategic and International Studies 1962

Center for the Study of Popular Culture 1988

Chalcedon Foundation 1965

Christian America magazine 1950

Christian American Association 1936

Christian Broadcasting Network 1959

Christian Citizen 1962

Christian Coalition by Pat Robertson 1989

Christian Economics magazine/journal 1950

Christian Freedom Foundation 1950

Christian School Action by Robert Billings (becomes National Christian Action Coalition) 1977

Christian Voice launched 1979

Church League of America (National Layman's Council) 1937
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