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The Essays of Jean V. Hardisty

Ms. Hardisty is a political scientist who left academia in 1980 to found what became Political Research Associates. Her work as a leader in developing thoughtful analyses and progressive strategies has been recognized with awards and numerous invitations to speak across the nation. This is a small collection of her many essays:


Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Race and Child Care in Mississippi
Between a Rock and a Hard Place demonstrates how structural racism preserves the status quo in Mississippi. It examines the delivery of child care to low-income women who should receive it as a welfare benefit. The State approaches this benefit (and welfare recipients in general) with suspicion and hostility. The tragedy of this attitude lies in the importance of early child care to the later development of a healthy and productive adult.
October, 2013

Celebrating Women’s Equality Day
August 26, Women’s Equality Day, always raises mixed feelings for me. I can join in the spirit of celebration over how far women have come from the days when my graduate school professor announced in class that if the political science department ever hired a woman, he would leave.
August, 2013

Q&A with Jean Hardisty, Ph.D.: Women’s Lives and U.S. Public Policy— Where We Are Now
This is a fateful time for the United States. Two distinct visions for the country were pitted against each other in the recent elections. Clearly, women’s rights are still in question; civil rights are seen by some as irrelevant; and the federal budget deficit looms without a consensus as to its importance or how to fix it.
Fall/Winter, 2012

“Exporting Right-Wing Christianity”
By Jean Hardisty and Chip Berlet
Unpublished essay, December, 2011

“Holding the Center: To build on the gains of Obama’s presidency, progressive activists must focus on recruitment”
By Jean Hardisty and Deepak Bhargava
The Nation, July 19/26, 2010, vol. 291, numbers 3 & 4.

“How Women Can Succeed: An Alternative View”
by Jean Hardisty
Wellesley Research & Action Report, Spring/Summer, 2010, vol. 31, no. 2.

“Marriage as a Cure for Poverty? Social Science Through a ‘Family Values’ Lens” [pdf]
by Jean Hardisty
A Report co-published by Political Research Associates and the Women of Color Resource Center, March, 2008.

“Pushed to the Altar: The Right Wing Roots of Marriage Promotion”
by Jean Hardisty
A Report co-published by Political Research Associates and the Women of Color Resource Center, 2008.

“Promoting Marriage to Cure Poverty”
by Jean Hardisty
Peacework, Spring, 2007.

“Books Matter”
by Jean Hardisty
The Women’s Review of Books, May/June, 2006.

“Why the South?”
by Jean Hardisty
Fair Play, newsletter of United for a Fair Economy, Spring, 2006.

“Marriage as a Bogus Cure for Poverty: Keeping low-income women safe is in our hands”
by Jean Hardisty
Research and Action Report, Fall/Winter, 2005.

“Wrong About the Right”
by Jean Hardisty & Deepak Bhargava
The Nation, November 7, 2005.

“Crime and Political Ideology”
by Jean V. Hardisty
The Public Eye, Winter, 2004.

“Policing Civil Society: NGO Watch”
by Jean V. Hardisty and Elizabeth Furdon
The Public Eye, Spring, 2004.

“From Fatherhood to Marriage”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Response, (United Methodist Women), April, 2003.

“Drifting Right and Going Wrong”
by Chip Berlet and Jean V. Hardisty
National Council of Jewish Women Journal, vol. 25, no. 3., Winter, 2002.

“The Right’s Campaign Against Welfare”
by Jean V. Hardisty and Lucy A. Williams
From Poverty to Punishment: How Welfare Reform Punishes the Poor, Applied Research Center, Gary Delgado, ed., 2002.

“Mapping the Progressive Movement”
by Jean V. Hardisty and Ana Perea
A Report from Political Research Associates, December, 2001.

“Rights for Some: The Erosion of U.S. Democracy”
by Jean V. Hardisty
A Report from Political Research Associates, 2001.

“Affirming Racial Inequality”
by Jean V. Hardisty
The Public Eye, Winter, 1999.

“Kitchen Table Backlash: The Anti-Feminist Women’s Movement”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Unravelling the Right, Westview Press, Amy Ansell, ed., 1998.

“Cancer and Poverty: Double Jeopardy for Women”
by Jean V. Hardisty and Ellen Leopold
Sojourner: The Women’s Forum, Dec., 1992.
Confronting Cancer, Constructing Change, Midge Stocker (ed.), 1993.
Myths of Powerlessness, M. Brinton Lykes and Ramsay Liem, eds., Revised version, 1996.

“Marketing Homophobia”
by Jean V. Hardisty and Amy Gluckman
Homo Economics: Capitalism, Community, and Lesbian and Gay Life in the United States, Betsy Reed and Amy Gluckman (eds.), 1997.

“What Now? Strategic Thinking About the Progressive Movement and the Right”
by Jean V. Hardisty
The Public Eye, Spring, 1997.

“My On-Again, Off-Again Romance With Liberalism”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Brown Paper Series, April, 1996.

“The Resurgent Right: Why Now?”
by Jean V. Hardisty
The Public Eye, Fall/Winter, 1995.
Liberal Religious Education, no. 17, “A Liberal Religious Response to the Radical Right”, Excerpted, Fall/Winter, 1996-97.

“Constructing Homophobia: Colorado’s Right-wing Attack on Homosexuals”
by Jean V. Hardisty
The Public Eye, March, 1993.
Eyes Right!, Chip Berlet (ed.), Revised version, 1995.

“The Invasion of Massachusetts: A Case Study of Stealth Politics”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Resist Newsletter, May/June, 1994.

“The Antigay Agenda”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Open Hands, Fall, 1993.

“Kitchen Table Anti-Communism: Conservative Women in the USA”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Das Argument, vol. 171, 1988.

“ACLU Speakers Manual on Abortion”
by Jean V. Hardisty
Reproductive Rights Project, 1981, reprinted 1982.


Democracy is a process,
not a specific set of institutions

Democracy is a process that assumes
the majority of people, over time,
given enough accurate information,
the ability to participate
in a free and open public debate,
and can vote without intimidation, reach constructive decisions
that benefit the whole of society, and
preserve liberty,
protect our freedoms,
extend equality, and
defend democracy.

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